9 Curious Facts about Bath

The Georgian city of Bath is world famous for its Roman baths and the Royal Crescent. The sights and sounds don’t stop there, there’s much more to Bath than the spa and the architecture..

1. Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Since 1987 Bath has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, a not unexpected accolade for such a beautiful treasure-filled city.

2. Uranus was discovered in Bath

In 1781, the famous German astronomer William Herschel was at his home when he detected the presence of Uranus, the seventh planet from the sun. His home in the city is now the site of the Herschel Museum of Astronomy.

3. Bath has its own currency

When in Bath, you can change your own money for the city’s own currency, which goes by the name of Oliver, and which is used as a discount voucher.

4. Charles Dickens once visited Bath

It’s widely known that the famous author Charles Dickens, visited The Saracens Head pub in Bath. It’s the oldest pub in the city, having been established in 1713.

5. Bath has been the set of many films

Inspector Morse, Les Miserables and The Duchess are just a few of the films that have used Bath as the production set.

6. Bath has its own Magic Bar

Bath has a magic bar called Sleight. This is the city’s only Magic Bar, where magicians perform impressive tricks live.

7. Pulteney Bridge is great for shopping

Pulteney Bridge is one of only three bridges in the world that have shops that span both sides. 

8. A hoard of over 17,500 Roman coins was found in 2007 in the foundations of The Gainsborough Bath Spa.

The coins, found in 8 separate bags, span the period from 30 BC to 274 AD and were named the ‘Beau Street Hoard’ now on permanent public display in an interactive exhibit at the Roman Baths.

9. Plasticine

On the first floor of the Victoria Art Gallery, you’ll find a bust sculpture of William Harbutt, inventor of the nation’s favourite children’s modelling clay, Plasticine.

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