Tapas, Food for the Soul in Madrid

What is the most important thing you will be doing on your trip to the great city of Madrid? Well, eating, of course!

More specifically, tapas. Indeed, there is probably nothing more Spanish, and more delicious than this utterly unique cuisine. Let the travel geeks at Touriocity share some of our best tapas-tips, as we guide you through all you need to know about this quintessentially Spanish treat.  

What Exactly Is Tapas?

Tapas is more a style of eating, rather than any one dish and can generally include any Spanish cuisine. It is thought that the first tapas were simply chunks of bread used to protect drinks from pesky insects. Indeed tapa literally means ‘cover’ or ‘lid’. Simple appetisers that would be served with drinks, gradually took the place of these ‘bread lids’, and very gradually Spanish bars and restaurants began to offer snacks to anyone who would buy a drink. And all completely free!

Tapas would eventually evolve into an elaborate event with the diverse regions in Spain developing their own unique flavours and styles of the cuisine. Dishes tend to reflect the landscape and culture they have come from and can range from anything from exotically-flavored, spicy Moorish stews of the south to insanely fresh, grilled fish and seafood which dominate the cuisine of much of the coastal areas of Spain. 

Travel Curious Tip

The classics are often the best and more often than not will give you the most bang for your buck. Look out for the classics, including tortilla (omelette), albondigas (meatballs) and calamari (squid). Coupled with a nice glass of chilled Catalonian Bohigas Blanc de Blancs, you can not go wrong.

Discover Madrid in this Foodie’s Tapas Private Tour

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